smartphones (iPhones and Droids) in their business, and are beginning to equip their
sales force with iPads instead of laptops. These customers are looking for ways to
increase sales and market share, improve efficiency and profitability, and improve their
communications through increased usage of mobile devices.
Industry analysts for IDC and Forrester as well as business surveys all report that mobile
devices are having a positive impact on businesses, and tablet sales continue to grow.
IDC estimates tablet shipments will hit 350 million units by the end of 2017, with iOS at
46% market share in 2013, and 43.5% in 2017.

An intuitive iPad and cloud-based solution, Sage Mobile Sales provides manufacturers,
distributors, and retailers with a mobile solution that helps increase sales while reducing
costs. It gives sales reps all the information they need to close a customer sale,
including anytime, anywhere access to customer order history, product availability, and
an online catalog. A real-time cloud connection to the Sage ERP processes quotes and
orders in the field, takes payments, and collects signatures.

Small and mid-market businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets are becoming more mobile, are using or planning to use tablets (iPads) and

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